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Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta Cheese

Europa Fresh Natural Ricotta Cheese is a smooth textured Italian style white cheese with a creamy bland flavour. It’s relatively low fat content makes it ideal for use in all recipes, and its creamy texture makes it suitable for many Italian dishes

Europa Fresh Natural Ricotta Cheese is manufactured using whey produced from Hard Cheese Production. A small amount of milk product is added to the whey, which is then heat coagulated by direct steam injection to above 90°C. The proteins coalesce, rise to the surface and are collected, then drained, packed and immediately cooled.

Regulatory Requirements

All ingredients, processes, handling & storage conform to “Dairy Food Safety of Victoria” (D.F.S.V.)Standards.


Cheese Whey, Milk, / Milk Solids, Salt & Citric Acid. All ingredients to our knowledge are free from any genetic Modification

Physical Properties

- Consistency – Soft & Moist
- Flavour – Bland, Creamy, free from off flavours & odours
- Texture – smooth
- Colour – Cream to White
- Storage Temperature – 1 to 5 °C

Application Areas

Europa Fresh Natural Ricotta Cheese is used in many Italian dishes as fillings & as a creamy topping for pasta dishes. It is also used in desserts such a cheesecakes & low fat recipes.


The product is available in:

- 1 kg tub
- 3kg colanders
- Specialty Bulk Packaging available, contact Europa Cheese for further details

Bulk Orders are packed as follows:
- 2 x 10 kg vacuum sealed bags – 48 cartons per pallet
- Each carton is marked with the net weight, package date “Best Before Date”. Each pallet is stretch wrapped before shipping.

Transport, Storage & Customer Requirements

- 0-5°C Keep Refrigerated
- Shelf Life – 9 months from packaging date.

Specialty Bulk Packaging available, contact QDF further details

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