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Grated Parmesan Cheese

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Europa Grated Parmesan Cheese is a traditional Italian style cheese, with a distinctive   “Sweet flavour”.  Choicest quality pasteurized milk, starter, culture & rennet produce curd which is then cut fine, stirred gradually heated to lactic acid production.

The curd is then drained of whey, salted and pressed, before being packaged for maturing.  After a minimum of 6 months the cheese is then grated into fine powder, dried & packed into 2 kg vacuum seal bags.

Regulatory Requirements

All ingredients, processes, handling & storage meet to conform to “Dairy Food Safety of Victoria” (D.F.S.V.)  Standards.


Pasteurized Milk, Culture, Salt, & Rennet , Natural Anticaking Agent

<b>May Contain Gluten (Contact Europa Cheese P/L for for further information) </b>

Physical Properties

- Consistency – Free Flowing Powder
- Flavour – Sweet, Rich, Full Flavour
- Texture – Slightly Grainy
- Colour – Light Yellow

Application Areas

Europa Grated Parmesan Cheese is used in many Italian dishes such as adding flavour to soup & pasta dishes.


The product is available in:

- Grated Parmesan in 4 x 2kg vacuum seal bags (approx.) -80 cartons per pallet
- Each carton is marked with the net weight, package date “Best Before Date”. Each pallet is stretched wrapped before shipping.

Transport, Storage & Customer Requirements

- Storage at 4 °C Keep Refrigerated
- Shelf Life – About 8 months from packaging date.

Specialty Bulk Packaging available, contact  Europa Cheese for further details

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